Used Warehouse Racking Systems and Equipment Ready for Shipping

Maximizing warehouse capacity and storage for less is our priority. Our customers receive expert support with the design, delivery and installation of their used warehouse equipment, including warehouse storage racks, pallet racks and industrial shelving. Our solutions include custom consultation services so that you can make the right decision for a low cost, long-term solution. Although there are many options, we are here to ensure you choose the best one.

Our services include:

• Design & Layout

Our warehouse storage racks and material handling equipment for sale are of the highest quality. Our engineers design the perfect warehouse systems for companies throughout the country.

• Procurement

Have warehouse equipment in good condition? We buy used equipment for unbeatable prices and provide those items to our clients.

• Project Management

We have managed many warehouse projects by inspecting the property and efficiently utilizing the space.

• Installation

Our expert equipment installers handle all equipment installations and ensure the best customer service and transparent processes.

Used Warehouse Equipment for Sale

We want to be your premier source for used material handling and storage equipment. We offer a wide variety of warehouse storage racks and shelves as well as industrial handling systems in used, new and refurbished conditions. Regardless of its official condition, every piece of equipment we have available is high-quality, durable and functional.

A look inside a warehouse with our industrial warehouse shelves

Warehouse Storage Racks

We buy and sell new and used storage racks and shelving units, including:

  • Structural Pallet Racks: Designed for long-term, heavy-duty performance. Over 6,700 sections are available with varying dimensions for a customized system.
  • Teardrop Pallet Racks: A universal and versatile used racking system. Frames are welded together for added stability.
  • Heavy Duty Bin Storage: Solid steel Aurora bin clip shelves and Republic bin shelving provides excellent storage options.
  • Used Drive-In Racking: Cost-effective, high-volume racking system ideal for “first-in, last-out” warehouse strategy.

We also have a vast selection of other warehouse equipment, such as conveyor belts, mezzanines, forklifts and warehouse safety products. We also offer rack repair services.

Used Warehouse Liquidation

When companies need to perform compulsory or voluntary liquidations, our team of warehouse specialists can handle equipment and inventory liquidations and get money from their assets. From pallet racks and used conveyors to shelves and used mezzanines, we are prepared to purchase these items in bulk to assist in the liquidation process.

With multiple warehousing locations throughout the USA, we are always increasing and adding to our inventory of warehouse storage racks, shelving units and equipment. We sell the items in our inventory to companies in need of additional or more efficient storage options and warehouse equipment for well below retail value. We always work with our customers to obtain high-quality equipment best suited to their specific warehouse needs.

Whether you need to find a refurbished forklift for sale, redesign your pallet racks or liquidate your warehouse assets, the installers and specialists at our company can perform top warehouse services, procure excellent warehouse products and resell the items for competitive prices. Contact us today to get started!