Cantilever Rack

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Cantilever Rack — Versatile Furniture Storage

High Quality Cantilever Rack. for Storing Furniture.

 Because if its versatile design, Cantilever Rack is perfect for storing furniture. With solid, smooth wood decking that covers the entire row, Cantilever Rack allows you to access the storage shelves without frontal obstructions. You’ll get uninterrupted shelving flexibility and maximized storage.


  • Eight double sided rows 192′ L
  • One single sided row 192’ L
  • Base plus 4 and base min for each row 
  • Frames are 26′ T and are on 144” centers going down aisle
  • Arms are 46” D
  • 11,500 linear sq. ft.
  • Rated at approx. 35 psf.


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